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Australian IT brilliance and 30 years of experience in aviation is set to see start-up 1Ansah fill a global need for smart information technology and data gathering to help skilled workers keep aircraft in A1 condition. This is according to the latest edition of Accelerate, a quarterly information bulletin which profiles some of the best performing and highest potential businesses that have received commercialisation support from the Australian Government through the Accelerating Commercialisation element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Australian technology start-up 1Ansah aims to become the Google for aviation maintenance and engineering – the go-to intelligence for maintenance, repair and overhaul services for aircraft.

Organisations world-wide involved in aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul will be able to use 1Ansah’s advanced machine learning technologies to facilitate and enable efficiencies in the work of skilled engineers.

1Ansah is a privately-owned software business that was founded in September 2012 by Anant Sahay, and started operations in early 2016.

In November 2016, the business was awarded an Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

The $250,000 grant is supporting a one-year, commercialisation project aimed at generating sales via a series of proof-of-concept trials with prospective clients.

1Ansah introduced distributed processing in Airbus Australia by deploying a Linux server farm consisting of seven servers. This environment is used to run 1Ansah-developed products that are being used by 1700 Airbus Australia employees.

1Ansah received the “2017 Global Commercial Aviation Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) IT Solutions Enabling Technology Leader” award by the industry analyst, Frost & Sullivan. The award was presented in San Diego, US.

“Our AMRIT suite of products can improve the accuracy of information and reduce the time spent in front of a computer console, per aircraft defect researched, considerably. This artificial intelligence awareness and its usage – on an aircraft with a list of 20-30 defects, will save 2-3 days of high-priced engineers’ time.” Anant Sahay, Founder, 1Ansah

Besides Accelerating Commercialisation assistance, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme is also supporting 1Ansah under its Business Growth Services and Innovation Connections elements.

1Ansah has received a letter of intent to develop a prototype for a Parts Recognition System, from Airbus Australia. The prototype will be developed in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney and AusIndustry’s Innovation Connection Facilitator.

Singapore Airline Engineering Company (SIAEC) has agreed to conduct a proof of concept for 1Ansah’s AMRIT suite of products

Air Transport Training College of Singapore and 1Ansah are planning to jointly develop a Master Course for middle management of maintenance, repair and overhaul companies in Singapore.

Meanwhile, 1Ansah continues to interact with airlines and maintenance, repair and overhaul businesses in the Middle East.

Anant Sahay started his business following 30 years’ experience in aviation information technology systems. He had worked for a variety of companies including Gulf Air, Emirates and IBM.

1Ansah is based in Sydney.

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