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We believe in empowering every technician every day

The world has taught us that maintaining critical assets is slow due to complex processes, and achieving efficiency often requires significant time, resources, problem-solving, and knowledge accumulation.


We Disagree

In fact, we firmly believe that your technicians deserve modern, intelligent, digital tools that are both swift and robust, user-friendly yet flexible, and resolutely solution-oriented while being capable of seamless adaptation and scalability. This conviction drove the creation of our solution, the LexX platform, designed to revolutionise the maintenance and operations landscape for our clients. By empowering technicians everywhere, every day, we catalyse a transformative journey. Our commitment lies in crafting intelligent assistive software, knowledge systems, and productivity tools perpetually innovating to reshape the operations and maintenance of high-value assets.

If you are wondering, LexX (pronounced lex) stands for Lexicon; meaning the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge, to the power of numbers signified by x in our superscript. They aptly represent our work with language and mathematical modelling.

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Our History

Established 2019, LexX embarked on a mission to create a smart platform for aircraft maintenance engineers because, frankly, they were feeling a bit left out. The existing systems were all about managers and planners, leaving the engineers and technicians in the dust. So, LexX stepped in to fill that gap, tackling the aviation industry’s quirks head-on. We also wanted to depart from classical software methods and take some radical approaches, pioneering as some would say.

But then, in 2020, COVID-19 hit, and our aviation dreams were grounded faster than you can say “turbulence.” So, what did we do? We pivoted, like any good dancer in a sudden storm. We took our talents to the Wind and Maritime industries, where we won some global innovation challenges. Not bad for a software company with wings, right?

Now, here we are, a late-stage start-up with our eyes set on Series A funding and world domination. We’ve got a bunch of successful products that work wonders in various industries, and we’re not stopping there. We’re all about AI, large language models, big data, and making businesses run smoother, no matter how big or small. So, if you’re looking for a partner in the business tech revolution, LexX is here to fly you to success!

Our People

Our unwavering trust in our people is at the core of LexX's purpose. A resolute passion fuels our endeavors, and our culture stands as a testament to this commitment. Each day, we embark on a journey of learning, experimentation, and growth.
Greeted with enthusiasm, we embrace novel initiatives, driven by an unwavering dedication to triumph — not only for ourselves as individuals and as teams but, paramountly, for our cherished customers who remain the heart of our inspiration. Their unwavering support propels us forward in every facet of our journey. Talk to us today. 

Our Leadership Team

Anant Sahay

Anant Sahay

Founder and CEO
Nishant Sahai

Nishant Sahai

Chief Technology Officer
George Mathew

George Mathew

Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Hersh Sahai

Hersh Sahai

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

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Level 21, North Tower, 459 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia.

Melbourne: +61 3 9123 1750

Sydney: +61 2 7251 9770

Toll Free (Australia Only): 1300 023 178

Support: +61 2 7251 9779 or +61 3 9123 1759


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