Does the Age of AI also mean the Age of Human Redundancy?

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps one of the more speculated upon technologies of the modern age, due in no small part to its extreme potential to change our economy and way of life. It is the latest technology to join the ranks of other advancements like nuclear energy and genetic science that inspire both fear and […]

Maintenance 4.0: The Digital Twin of Industrie 4.0

As the information era continues to progress and technologies rise and fall in prominence, one question persists in the minds of industry leaders and the public at large – what is the next big app that will change and disrupt the market? Like smart phones or the internet before it, what development will disrupt and […]

Maintenance 4.0: What Makes Information Transparency the Key to Making Informed Decisions?

Information Transparency is one of the most fundamental aspects and benefits of Industrie 4.0, and thus by extension Maintenance 4.0. The graph below illustrates the context of how the concept of information transparency fits under the umbrella of Maintenance 4.0 as a whole, and further under that Data Analysis and Information Provisioning as subcategories that […]