Data Quality in Aviation

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Mike Harris

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This month on The LexXicon Podcast we hear from Darren Stone and Mike Harris on Data Quality in Aviation.

You will hear about how data is currently being used within the industry and how technology can help in transforming data to wisdom. All this from two experts within many years experience in the Aviation industry.

Darren Stone is a senior licensed engineer. He has worked within the Aviation industry for an extensive period of time at places like Jetstar and the Royal Australian Navy. Darren also currently works as the Managing Director for Flight Assess, who are the #1 Asset Aerial Imagery provider in Australia. They also consult with aviation engineering and UAV projects.

Mike Harris started his Aviation Career in 1979 when he joined the Royal Australian Air Force as an Apprentice Maintenance Fitter and continued throughout the years to learn about the new world of Computerised Maintenance Records. 

In 2006, Mike joined Jetstar Australia and moved through a series of roles involving the Engineering Management System(s), and Engineering Management. On his retirement from Jetstar in 2020, Mike was the “Manager – Engineering Technology and Innovation”, having also served as “Manager Engineering Support Systems”, and “Manager Engineering Services”.

Mikes passion is around Innovation and using data to make people’s lives, jobs, and safety easier and better – particularly as it relates to Aviation and Maintenance.


You can find out more about Flight Assess here:

Or find out more about our own technology by visiting the LexX Technologies website below:

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