Melbourne, 22nd February 2017: On this sunny day in Melbourne, with the gleaming waters of Port Philip Bay in the background, The Datt Group and 1Ansah Pty Ltd signed a landmark agreement for the Datt Group to invest an undisclosed amount for equity in the company. The Datt Group, a group of private investors, say that by investing in 1Ansah, they are making a strategic investment in innovation and the Australian economy. This investment will not only boost 1Ansah’s capabilities and market reach, but will also create jobs in Australia in aviation MRO, engineering & maintenance, and manufacturing.

Datt Group’s Managing Director, Mr Emanuel Datt, joins 1Ansah board as a non-executive director, with immediate effect.

The injection of funds by the Datt Group will improve 1Ansah’s ability to invest in further developments and new applications using Artificial Intelligence to build intelligent data products for the global aviation MRO industry.

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