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Experience xAssist2.0

We just launched the next generation of xAssist in beta that takes virtual assistance to the next level. xAssist 2.0 utilises advanced domain language models (DLMs) that are proprietary to LexX, combining task execution, reporting and multilingual language support yet offering humans unparalleled control, honouring enterprise data/domain boundaries and mitigating for hallucinations.  So here are the benefits of xAssist2.0 over the previous version.

Experience the new way to troubleshoot with xAssist 2.0 Beta. xAssist’s Gen AI capability radically improves the way engineers, technicians, schedulers and planners undertake maintenance of their critical infrastructural assets. The capabilities are real, so are the benefits. See an aviation example for yourself. Leave a comment below.

xAssist 2.0 Beta

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