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LexX Attends MRO Australasia in Brisbane

Early in March, LexX had the opportunity to attend MRO Australasia, when we were invited to present alongside other experts in a panel exploring New Technologies. The event, hosted by Aviation Week Network, brought together attendees from across the Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul community to discuss critical issues that impact MRO business in the region. Of these 280+ attendees, many were from MROs themselves, and also from Airlines, OEMs, medium businesses, and suppliers.

The event was an informative gathering of likeminded individuals, experts and thought leaders in their industry, from companies like Qantas, Heston MRO, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. This congregation of such people lead to many fruitful panels and interactions on how to develop MRO in the Australasian market, as this market is one where there will be maximum growth in terms of aircraft in the coming years.

LexX also had the opportunity to present as part of the Aerospace Testing Track and the New Technologies panel. Here, alongside a representative from Frost and Sullivan, LexX CEO Anant Sahay gave insight into his area of expertise – Maintenance 4.0. This presentation was titled Maintenance 4.0: The Digital Twin of Industrie 4.0 and gave audiences insight into the new technologies that are bringing value and efficiencies to Aviation. Overall, the conference was an informative and exciting event that LexX and Anant were honoured to be a part of; to see the latest trends and innovations powering the industry of tomorrow in the Australasian region was an invaluable experience. You can read more about Anant’s Maintenance 4.0 vision here.

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