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LexX Chosen to Partner with EDP at the Lisbon Web Summit!

LexX Technologies recently took part in EDP’s Starter Program, in Houston, Texas. The Starter Program was designed to connect EDP and startups from all over the world and LexX were chosen to participate as leaders in digital innovation for Energy.

As a selected organisation, we had the opportunity to engage with EDP and their Energy partners in a 3 day workshop. LexX Board Member, Hersh Sahai, and Marketing Executive, Shannan Ely, took part in the 3 day event, engaging with fellow innovators and sharing the value of the LexX Platform. Overall, it was an incredibly valuable experience and the excitement around the future of digital innovation for Energy was apparent.

At the end of the process, we were lucky enough to be chosen within the Top 9 out of the 30 participating organisations, to join EDP in Lisbon for the largest tech conference in the world, Web Summit. Here, we will pitch our Platform in front of audiences in the Grand Finale of the Starter Program. We are very excited to not only attend the Web Summit in November, but also to work with EDP, and be able to further share our insights with all those in attendance.

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