LexX for Pump Maintenance is now available exclusively on the Schneider Electric Exchange.

Designed to serve those technicians in Utilities dealing with pump maintenance, this exclusive version of LexX provides AI-enabled assistance through the fault isolation process. This platform is available via the Schneider Electric Exchange, a digital community of experts, a marketplace of digital solutions & resources, and a network of solution providers for energy management.

LexX already has ingested a large number of manuals for Pump Asset Classes and these are available via the Exchange site.

In a typical fault isolation scenario for Pump Maintenance, a technician would use personal experience, ad-hoc investigation, manually seeking out information from many documents and assistance from other staff to isolate a problem. However, with LexX providing intelligent fault isolation flow and guidance, a technician can be more efficiently directed to the problem and solution in an instant.

‘’Great to have all the info at your fingertips, so you can create a plan of attack.” (EnergyAustralia Technician)

You can find our offering on the Schneider Electric Exchange via the link below and learn more about how to purchase this offering.

,Find our offering here.

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