LexX Technologies are very excited to share that, early in November at the Lisbon Web Summit, we were announced winners of EDP’s ‘Starter Acceleration Program’!

EDP, a global leader in the Energy sector, had initially selected LexX out of 500 other startups, for the first round of the program. During this stage, LexX participated with 30 other startups in a week-long workshop in Houston. When we became one of the finalists here, we were invited to pitch at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Having won the program in Lisbon, LexX are excited to be continuing our relationship with EDP in the form of a trial at one of their wind farms in Houston.

If you would like to read more on LexX’s experience with EDP in Lisbon, check out this article from Energy Source and Distribution News.

Link here: https://www.esdnews.com.au/australian-ai-startup-lexx-technologies-wins-edp-acceleration-program/

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