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New LexX Product Release | xTeams!

Within the current maintenance process, many technicians experience difficulties in connecting to other staff members within their organisation. This may be when working remotely to fix a critical asset, connecting with supervisors and managers, or even collaborating with experts from locations when field trips aren’t available. Technicians need access to advice and directions when solving problems, particularly when time is of the essence, for both other busy staff and complex maintenance processes.

Any barrier to communication leads to inefficiencies in the maintenance process: many of our clients are facing both cost and resolution pressures. In addition to this, lack of simple collaboration in the workplace can leave technicians feeling disempowered in their daily tasks.

And so, at LexX, we’re very excited for the release of our new product: xTeam.

Our xTeam product solves the problems mentioned above by providing technicians with direct access to all personnel in their ecosystem via their chosen device.

xTeam brings an innovative tool to maintenance technicians for forming teams, collaborating in real-time, working within the same context, handing over and sharing tasks, report generation and capturing data from the field using digital capabilities.

xTeam works by ingesting an organisations’ workforce information and allowing technicians to search that information, instant message colleagues, configure teams or directly invite colleagues into the context of a problem they are working on. xTeam also has the ability to recommend experts based on the history of people who have worked on similar problems in the past.

Our xTeam product has been developed through extensive work with technicians on the ground, understanding their collaboration pain points and barriers to strategic goals. This technology has been designed to work across all portable field devices, across a homogenous fleet of assets, which can then be scaled to other sites or fleets.

With xTeam, we focus on supporting technicians that work on critical assets under pressure. We believe that technicians and engineers are lacking support from a digital, data and systems perspective. xTeam demonstrates that intelligent digital tools can reduce unwanted tasks and time spent on non valuable activities.

Overall, with our xTeam product, technicians in the workplace will be empowered for every field trip with the entire organisation at their fingertips. We can’t wait to begin rolling this product out for maintenance teams everywhere.

Find out more about xTeam and LexX’s platform features here

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