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Product Roadmap Series | First Things First: Empowering Technicians

At the end of last year, we updated our product roadmap and began sharing it with our customers. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback. Our roadmap flows from our vision which is a simple statement but profound in its impact on the industries we serve in:

To transform maintenance and engineering operations of our clients

by empowering every technician every day

Our vision recognises the efforts of frontline engineers and technicians whose daily efforts keep an airplane flying, a train running or a power grid supplying our homes. Yet they do not always have the right digital tools designed specifically for them to be productive and effective in doing their jobs. Maintenance engineers and technicians directly contribute to the organisation’s topline and bottomline by ensuring the availability and safety (e.g aviation) of core assets.

For the last 100 years even while technology has evolved in every other sphere, system development efforts that have targeted maintenance operations of asset heavy industries have focused on supporting schedulers, planners and managers. The result is that there are significant gaps left or ‘whitespaces’ as we call them in the technician’s workflow.

Enterprise asset management and resource planning systems stop at issuing work orders and task cards to engineers and technicians and they pick up the thread when parts and tools are needed at the time of repair or replacements. Technicians are seldom system supported or workflow enabled between scheduling and actual repair.

In our experience a lot happens in the blind spots left by system developers in the last 100 years. During interrogation and diagnosis, technicians rely on manuals, schematics, logs, asset history, peer expertise, regulatory standards and even tribal knowledge accumulated in the organisation. The problem is that these are in different systems, with different people and in varying unstructured data formats. Accessing these resources, some of them still on paper, at the time of need, under pressure to turnaround an aircraft or put the grid back online within the short window available especially after unplanned events is a pipe dream.

The added dimension to the problem is that experienced engineers are leaving organisations as the population ages. Younger inexperienced engineers who are natively digital are increasingly finding it challenging to adapt to work environments that haven’t seen innovations commensurate with the pace of the digital age.

LexX was founded to solve these problems. We exist for the benefit of the frontline technicians to offer them digital experiences that simplify and assist them in their tasks. We believe by empowering the technician, maintenance and engineering operations of our aviation, transportation, energy and utilities clients transform towards maintenance 4.0 goals. When technicians are productive, effective, can do more with less, resolve issues at the first go, reduce the mean time to repair, improve repair reliability and utilise inventory guided by best practices, they contribute directly to stakeholder value.

We exist to empower the technician. So, if you are a technician or maintenance engineer, or an organisation looking to empower your frontline maintenance staff, we would love to hear from you and find a way to work with you to meet your needs.

Written by

George Mathew

Product Director at LexX Technologies

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