Make your wind turbines more efficient with Lexx

Optimise your wind generators equipment, availability and efficiency today with Lexx

How does Lexx optimise your wind generators efficiency

Using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning, Lexx ingests all the critical information related to that wind turbine generator.

The data (manufacturers manuals, maintenance reports, workflows, photos, schematics and more) are translated into a natural language system that presents accurate information to the technician at the point of fault

Experiencing wind turbine maintenance downtime?

A wind turbine generator is a complex system. Why make matters worse with complex maintenance procedures?

Technicians who lack the correct information at the point of fault often provide inaccurate or incorrect diagnosis reports.

Consequently, wind turbine generators that undergo long periods of maintenance downtime are ineffective and result in lost revenue!

Find out below what Lexx can do to mitigate these problems…

“My only regret is that this program was not available sooner! If all technicians have this, it is going to help save a lead tech’s time, it is very helpful. We needed this years ago”

Senior Wind Farm Technician

Check out what Lexx can achieve when implemented

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