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Wrapping up 2023: End of Year Highlights

2023 was a year of significant milestones and accomplishments for LexX that we are proud to share with our valued community. Welcoming new customers Etihad Engineering, Blackmores, and eMigration Advisor added vibrancy to our reach, sectoral spread, client diversity and revenue sustainability.

Growth & Geograpical Spread

Demonstrating our commitment to innovation and sustainability within existing accounts, we achieved a remarkable milestone by deploying xAssist to support over 1000 wind turbines across 12 wind farms in North America at EDP Renewables where over 150 technicians use LexX daily in their maintenance programs. In addition our operations reached steady state at Vanoord B.V, Netherlands, with over 150 oceanographic surveyors utilising LexX to keep the company’s critical infrastructure projects on time and within budgets. With these existing and new customers, LexX now have an active presence in North America, Europe, Middle East and are expanding here at home in Australia

Thanks to Boeing’s Aerospace Xelerated program we were able to leverage portfolio benefits to gain visibility within the Boeing and the Tawazun ecosystem. This year we participated in both the Paris Airshow and the Dubai Airshow gaining significant visibility within the Aviation MRO industry regionally. In addition we were at the Skywise Symposia in Istanbul and Bangkok. These collaborative efforts signify our commitment to fostering enduring relationships, driving mutual success and strengthening business development efforts.

Technology Leadership, Partnerships & Streamlined Operations

The year was marked by seamless transitions and advancements in technology and product mix, as we successfully upgraded all our products to GPT-4 from previous versions that we have been working on since early 2018, underscoring our dedication to cutting-edge technology. Launching Intelisearch and xAuthor products showcased our continuous pursuit of excellence in providing comprehensive solutions to our clients identifying and filling gaps in our portfolio quickly and effectively to keep a step ahead of competition.

Moreover, we proudly expanded our strategic partnerships, strengthening ties with industry leaders such as Microsoft both on the Azure front and the Open AI front and with technology partners Experion Global and 1Ansah while maintaining our R&D activities here in Australia.  We also streamlined our internal operations to be cost effective, lean and agile. We signed up two strategic sales partners in renewables, aviation in key markets and spruced up digital marketing in an effort to maintain a digital presence and brand awareness. We couldn’t have done this without our customers, partners, investors and our dedicated team. Thank you all.

Wrapping up 2023: End of Year Highlights

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