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xIntelisearch is now available globally

In a major breakthrough for information seekers and knowledge enthusiasts, xIntelisearch, the cutting-edge knowledge harnessing tool from LexX Technologies, is now available worldwide. This innovative product that utilises GPT-4 marks a paradigm shift in how we access and prioritise information, setting a new standard in knowledge management. The system can be used by small and large businesses and is available on both a subscription model and an on-premise license basis.

xIntelisearch is a groundbreaking platform that leverages a unique approach to harnessing knowledge from structured and unstructured sources, offering a novel way to prioritise relevant information while mitigating less pertinent knowledge. By allowing users to query in natural language, the product facilitates seamless and intuitive interactions, making knowledge retrieval effortless and efficient.

xIntelisearch Features

One of the standout features of xIntelisearch is its continuous improvement mechanism, which transforms information, and user interaction with documents into insightful knowledge through continuous learning, a benefit of its powerful machine learning algorithms . Through the synergy of technology and human expertise, the platform not only updates its vast knowledge base but also enhances its understanding and interpretation, providing users with enriched and up-to-date insights.

“On the back of successful launch and implementation in Europe, we are thrilled to announce the global availability of xIntelisearch, a revolutionary product that redefines how we access and utilise knowledge,” said Anant Sahay, CEO, LexX Technologies. “With its advanced capabilities and focus on delivering relevant information while fostering continuous knowledge enhancement, xIntelisearch is set to empower individuals, small and large businesses, and institutions in their pursuit of knowledge and insights from a vast array of sources.”

Users can now experience the transformational power of xIntelisearch and unlock a new era of knowledge access by embracing this innovative tool and witness the seamless fusion of technology and human expertise, providing a dynamic and enriching knowledge discovery journey.

xIntellisearch comes in two packages – with and without an Authoring module. With the authoring capability available through LexX’s industry leading knowledge authoring solution, xAuthor, companies can get their subject matter experts to write into xIntelisearch eliminating the need for maintaining MS word files and pdfs that are not traceable.

For more information and to experience the future of knowledge access, click this link on our website and ask for a demo today.

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