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Discover xIntellisearch, where knowledge curation and retrieval reaches new heights. With unmatched capabilities, xIntelisearch revolutionizes the way you access knowledge.
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Knowledge Management on Steroids

  • A New Way of Harnessing Knowledge: Say goodbye to the old, cumbersome ways of knowledge management and embrace the future. Our modern approach redefines how you handle knowledge. With automated data capture, seamless accessibility, and intelligent querying, finding what you need is effortless. Interact in real-time with your documents and data , and keep your knowledge dynamic and up-to-date. It’s time to revolutionise knowledge management and supercharge your organisation’s productivity. Welcome to the future of knowledge management.

  • Prioritising Relevant information While Mitigating Less Pertinent Knowledge : You can elevate your information strategy with xIntellisearch that specialises in facilitating the prioritisation of relevant information while efficiently mitigating less pertinent data. Over time xIntellisearch will guide you to decommission information from your data stores that are no longer valuable to your organisation. Say hello to precision and productivity in the world of knowledge management.

Information retrieval like never before

  • Say good bye to traditional searches: Experience the future of knowledge retrieval with xIntellisearch. Say goodbye to traditional searches and welcome a new era where users interact with information just like they would with a knowledgeable human. Simplify your quest for knowledge and let xIntellisearch revolutionise the way you find answers.

  • Querying in Natural language: Natural language querying used in xIntelisearch represents the cutting-edge frontier in query methodology, enabling the formulation of queries in a form akin to human language expressions, fostering a user-friendly interaction.

Transform Data and Information into Knowledge and Insight

  • Continous improvement of knowledge while transforming knowledge into insight : In xIntellisearch, user interaction and feedback are the keys to unlocking the true potential of your information resources. We believe that the collective wisdom of your team is an invaluable asset, and we’ve built a platform that harnesses it to perfection. By actively engaging with documents and providing feedback, your team not only accesses information but actively enhances its quality and relevance. We’ve designed our system to be a two-way street, where your input fuels continuous improvement.

  • Experience the synergy of technology and human expertise: As users highlight valuable insights, ask pertinent questions, and share their expertise, xIntellisearch adapts, becoming a dynamic source of wisdom. The result? A knowledge ecosystem that evolves, becoming more accurate, more insightful, and ultimately more useful with each interaction.Experience the synergy of technology and human expertise, where user interaction and feedback breathe life into your knowledge management, making it a truly indispensable tool for informed decision-making and organizational success.

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LexX reduces the turn around time of providing a technical solution to 15 minutes. This number is quite significant if the solution is for minimizing operational disruption”

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Empowering Intelligent Maintenance
  • Seamless Data Integration: The xAssist feature empowers technicians to seamlessly input diverse data types, including OEM manuals, handwritten notes, photos, and completed work orders. This comprehensive data repository enhances operational insights.

  • Interactive Knowledge Sharing: Transformed knowledge comes to life through an engaging, chatbot-style question-and-answer format. This interactive interface ensures efficient and engaging access to converted insights.

  • Precision at the Point of Need: Every maintenance technician gains instant access to this wealth of information precisely at the point of fault. This targeted accessibility revolutionizes troubleshooting, facilitating swift and informed decision-making.

  • Maximized Uptime: By swiftly delivering pertinent insights, xAssist contributes to minimal asset downtime and heightened maintenance efficiency. The platform becomes an indispensable tool in bolstering operational continuity.

  • Enhanced Safety Insights: Technicians’ safety is paramount. With LexX, the latest safety information is effortlessly accessible, ensuring that critical safety insights are always at their fingertips.
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Amplifying Collaborative Dynamics
  • Seamless Collaboration: The xTeams feature fosters instant collaboration among technicians, enabling swift knowledge exchange and collective troubleshooting, enriching operational proficiency.
  • Effortless Expertise Access: Technicians effortlessly locate and connect with colleagues possessing specialized expertise to expedite problem resolution. This lookup-and-contact functionality ensures targeted solutions.
  • Efficient Task Management: Empowering technicians, the platform streamlines the configuration of maintenance teams, optimizing task distribution and overall performance for enhanced operational synergy.
  • Streamlined Reporting: Technicians effortlessly share centralized troubleshooting reports on the platform. This facilitates prompt approvals from supervisors, enabling swift decision-making and continuous workflow.
  • Expert identification: From records of past success the system recommends technicians in the network who have solved similar issues in the past. This brings help one step closer to field crew when needed the most.
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Elevating Knowledge Acquisition
  • Real-Time Integration & Dissemination: The xAuthor feature seamlessly integrates new resolutions, updated work instructions, and troubleshooting manuals, which are then swiftly distributed to maintenance teams, ensuring the latest insights are always at their fingertips.
  • Knowledge Synergy: Technicians benefit from shared successful resolutions across the organization, fostering a culture of collaboration and standardized practices. This efficient knowledge sharing enhances operational excellence.
  • Swift Approval Workflow: Supervisors experience streamlined approval processes, allowing them to promptly review and validate additions. This ensures that only verified solutions are incorporated into the knowledge repository.
  • Innovative Problem Solving: Technicians are empowered to contribute innovative solutions, cultivating a culture of continuous improvement. This feature encourages fresh insights that lead to refined maintenance practices.
  • Centralised Access Hub: All resolutions find a centralized home, enabling rapid retrieval of pertinent information. This accessibility minimizes asset downtime, optimizing maintenance processes
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Intelligent Curation and Querying
  • Intelligent Querying: xIntelisearch revolutionises the way users find answers from their knowledge repositories. Querying works as if a knowledgeable human were responding, often pointing to the right page of a document or section of data.
  • User specific Curation: Curation occurs at the point of querying where a natural language question is interpreted for meaning and intent before scouring the collective wisdom of your team, available literature and data.
  • Prioritising Relevant Knowledge: xIntelisearch specialises in facilitating the prioritisation of relevant information while efficiently mitigating less pertinent data.
  • Continuous improvement: In xIntelisearch, user interaction and feedback are the keys to unlocking the true potential of your information resources.
  • Synergising with Human expertise: As users highlight valuable insights, ask pertinent questions, and share their expertise, xIntelisearch adapts, becoming a dynamic source of wisdom. The result? A knowledge ecosystem that evolves, becoming more accurate, more insightful, and ultimately more useful with each interaction.
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Data Transformation powered by AI
  • Insights from History: We enable organisations to build upon their legacy of effective problem-solving by tapping into historical solutions that have yielded consistent success providing a sense of direction but also serve as a foundation for innovation.
  • Generating and linking Insights: Actionable insights that we draw from raw data is not only transformative but also yields significant power when employing derived actions to establish intricate correlations between operational performance and financial performance.
  • Singular Sources of Truth: We help organisations to establish single sources of truth algorithmically, seamlessly integrating data from diverse sources and transforming it into a unified, reliable foundation.
  • Enhancing Data Quality: We can revolutionise how organisations ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of their data by automating data validation, anomaly detection, and supercharging the data cleansing processes.
  • Reducing Human Error: By implementing robust automation, validation protocols, and error-checking mechanisms, we can help significantly reduce the risk of inaccuracies in the capture and use of critical data. 
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Domain Language AI

LLMs for Business Excellence
  • Emulating Human Behaviour: We build systems think and act like humans for you. They have a higher chance of being adopted widely by your users.
  • Humans in Control: Although we build you systems that are intelligent, they are never designed to take human control away. We always allow humans to make the decisions.
  • Elevating Natural Language: The dynamic fusion of natural language capabilities and machine learning we offer, gives you new paradigms of efficiency and effectiveness within your business processes.
  • Learning Systems: By default all LexX systems feature autonomous learning designed to learn and continuously enhance themselves. We train our systems and therefore need not train our users.
  • Innovation and Productivity: Our Domain Language AI solutions directly create an unparalleled shift in efficiency and effectiveness within your business processes.
  • Overcoming Data Quality: LexX tackles data challenges with advanced Domain Language AI algorithms, minimizing the impact of unclean data and ensuring confident decision-making.
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